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About Southeastern Med

About Southeastern Med

About Southeastern Med

Southeastern Med is a premier health system in Cambridge, Ohio. We are proud to serve Guernsey County, Noble County, and the broader region of Southeastern Ohio. Over the years, we’ve grown from a small community hospital into an innovative, acute health care center serving more than 4,000 inpatients and nearly 100,000 outpatients each year.

We are committed to our patients, employees and community, and we continuously reinvest to improve our facilities and technology. With more than 26 medical specialties, Southeastern Med physicians and doctors offer quality care close to home.

In addition to providing hospital-based medical services, we host numerous free or reduced-cost community screenings, wellness education, and health awareness events throughout the year – more than most major health systems.

Our Values

Compassion: Recognize and respond to the needs of others, Express genuine concern for others’ well-being, assume positive intent, and show courtesy and respect…so everyone feels appreciated. 

Excellence: Embrace change, learn from missteps, build on success, and teach others to become the leaders who carry us forward…so we deliver greatness. 

Inclusion: Openly welcome and respect what makes each of us unique, Seek diverse perspectives with positive intention and curiosity, give people a voice in the decisions that affect their lives, and honor the dignity and worth of each person…so everyone feels they belong. 

Integrity: Live our values through our honest words and honorable actions, set high moral standards for ourselves and each other, act as a role model for the organization, be humble, and keep your word and deliver on commitments…so people can count on us.

Stewardship: Hold ourselves and each other accountable, collaborate and involve others in decisions, be healthy and promote wellness in our community, commit to continuous improvement, and manage resources effectively…so that we positively impact our community.

Hospital History

Prior to the construction of the medical center, there were several small hospitals in Cambridge, Ohio. To meet the needs of our growing community, several of the hospitals joined together in 1946 and raised a projected $350,000 to build a new hospital.

We first opened our doors in 1952 as Guernsey Memorial Hospital, named after Guernsey County. In 1966, we consolidated with St. Francis Hospital and, as our medical services increased in subsequent years, we completed a $10 million dollar facility expansion and upgrade.

Early in the 1980s, we added a surgery center, laboratory, and radiology division.

A few years later we expanded the Emergency Department and opened an intensive care unit and our Community Health Link building to focus on mammography services. 1995 Guernsey Memorial Hospital changed its name to Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center.

In 2001 we added a cardiac catheterization lab, a sleep disorder center and a childbirth center, as well as new building on Brick Church Road, which houses industrial medicine, physical and occupational rehabilitation, and sports medicine. Finally in 2004, we established a new wound care wing at our main campus.

Southeastern Med has kept pace with the growth in outpatient services as healthcare technology advances. Today, our medical center continues to offer a full complement of services at our 84-bed facility.

Our health care system is Guernsey County’s largest employer, and we take that civil obligation seriously. Along with providing health care services, we strive to lift up our community.

We continue to upgrade our technology and increase our staff and physicians to provide you with the best possible medical care, right here at home.

Southeastern Med