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Our Values

Our Values

Compassion: Recognize and respond to the needs of others, Express genuine concern for others’ well-being, assume positive intent, and show courtesy and respect…so everyone feels appreciated. 

Excellence: Embrace change, learn from missteps, build on success, and teach others to become the leaders who carry us forward…so we deliver greatness. 

Inclusion: Openly welcome and respect what makes each of us unique, Seek diverse perspectives with positive intention and curiosity, give people a voice in the decisions that affect their lives, and honor the dignity and worth of each person…so everyone feels they belong. 

Integrity: Live our values through our honest words and honorable actions, set high moral standards for ourselves and each other, act as a role model for the organization, be humble, and keep your word and deliver on commitments…so people can count on us.

Stewardship: Hold ourselves and each other accountable, collaborate and involve others in decisions, be healthy and promote wellness in our community, commit to continuous improvement, and manage resources effectively…so that we positively impact our community.