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Choosing Southeastern Med for Your Cancer Treatment

When going through any type of cancer treatment, it can be a great benefit for a patient to find care that’s closer to home. Not only does this reduce the time and stress associated with extended travel; it also keeps you closer to the people and places you know and love, offering that extra level of comfort and support. This is why Southeastern Med is proud to be your community hospital AND a world class destination for cancer care.

When a patient comes to Southeastern Med with a potential cancer diagnosis, we won’t merely refer them to other specialists in Cleveland, Columbus, or Pittsburgh. Instead, we take pride in offering them the chance to stay close to home while having access to the same complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities available at leading facilities in those larger cities.

“The Cancer Program at Southeastern Med accepts any cancer patient at any stage of their diagnosis and treatment,” says Dr. Michael Sarap, a board-certified surgeon who is Chairman of the Department of Surgery, Trauma and Cancer Committees at Southeastern Med, as well as the Director of our Breast Care and Colorectal Cancer Teams. “We are honored to care for patients even if they are diagnosed elsewhere. One of our prime concerns is convenience of treatment for the patients and their families.”

That convenience, importantly, does not come with any compromise in terms of the quality of care provided.

Breast cancer patients, as an example, can entrust every aspect of their treatment to Southeastern Med’s Cancer Center, including mammograms, advanced ultrasounds and MRIs, minimally invasive biopsies, and personal attention from board-certified surgical specialists and full-time, experienced medical and radiation oncologists.

“Our center treats an average of 40 new breast cancer patients every year,” Dr. Sarap says, “and hundreds of breast cancer patients are usually receiving active treatment or surveillance at any one time.”

As our cancer services and facilities continue to expand in 2021, we hope to help even more patients in their fights against breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, and more.

In our next blog, we’ll discuss how Southeastern Med’s cancer services have earned high marks and accreditation from some of the leading national organizations in this field.

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