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For Student Athletes, Southeastern Med’s Team is Behind Your Team

When you see an athletic trainer helping an injured athlete on a professional team, that individual is often employed by the team itself. For this reason, it’s easy to forget that training staffs often function very differently at the amateur level, particularly when you’re supporting your child in a junior high or high school sport.

In small towns and bigger cities, alike, local hospitals play an integral role in providing athletic training support for school teams, and this is a role we take very seriously at Southeastern Med. Our network of highly skilled trainers can be found on the sidelines of dozens of events each week, working with six different school systems in the region. These men and women are the first responders when a student athlete suffers an injury, and they’re also there to help kids learn the pre and post-game techniques that can help reduce the risk of sports-related injuries in the first place.

Even more importantly, parents of local student athletes can take comfort in knowing that these trainers are also backed by the full power of Southeastern Med’s state-of-the-art facilities, board-certified physicians, and expert rehab teams.

In a worst case scenario, where an injured student athlete requires immediate medical attention, X-rays, and/or surgery, the training staff has a direct line to our Sports Medicine department, led by Dr. Robert Huff. Orthopedic surgeons Dr. Vanessa Voytko and Dr. Bill Kumler are also part of this team, treating everything from ankle sprains and tennis elbow to serious fractures.

Our dedication to the full recovery of an injured athlete doesn’t end with a procedure or a treatment plan. Southeastern Med also has rehabilitation teams at 10095 Brick Church Road in Cambridge and 18125 Woodsfield Road in Caldwell. These knowledgeable pros help safely guide young athletes through a steady rehab program that builds them back up to full strength within the guidance and time tables suggested for their specific injury and age group.

To learn more, you can contact Southeastern Med Sports Medicine and Rehab at 740.439.8997 or Dr. Robert Huff at 740.435.4022.

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