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From Pre-Operation to Post-Operation: Southeastern Med’s Orthopedic Team is Here for You

While any type of surgical procedure can be intimidating, people often are most stressed about the uncertainty. You may be thinking, “Is this a good time for my surgery? Are there risks? How soon can I expect to recover afterward?” During a pandemic, these concerns can also be intensified.

That’s why Southeastern Med has designed a system that offers every patient confidence and peace of mind through each stage of treatment – from the educational pre-surgical assessment to post-operative rehabilitation. At Southeastern Med you receive outstanding care here at home in Cambridge, from experts who care.

Pre-Operation Education

Once your doctor has determined that surgery is the best course of action, we make sure you understand exactly what that means and educate you on how to best prepare.

For example, many patients who receive total hip or knee replacements will also undergo a pre-surgical physical therapy assessment. This ensures education by a licensed physical therapist. We prepare and educate you about proper use of assistive devices and adaptive equipment, caregiver education, safety concerns within the home and introduction of important post-operative exercises.

Perhaps most importantly, we encourage open conversations throughout the pre-operative period. This ensures we answer all of your questions before your surgery, making it a less stressful process. We encourage patients to discuss any concerns they may have regarding surgery preparation and post-operation recovery.

Post-Operation Rehab

Patients most often transition from acute surgical intervention to outpatient rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery. The outpatient physical therapists and occupational therapists at Southeastern Med are highly trained and provide post-op rehab to the upper and lower extremities and the spine. They’re also attuned to the unique needs and pace of each individual they work with. We strive to create an atmosphere that is both professional and comfortable.

The first day of outpatient physical or occupational therapy consists of an evaluation, which includes:

  • Verification of patient’s insurance benefits prior to the date of the evaluation
  • Obtaining a complete medical history
  • Review of information regarding the current injury or condition
  • Review of post-operative restrictions and/or protocols
  • Review of prior functional level including home environment and work duties (as appropriate)
  • Assessment of range of motion, strength, sensation, functional mobility, and other objective assessments
  • Development of individualized treatment plan and rehabilitation goals
  • Instruction on appropriate home exercise program

Patients are individually assessed and progressed according to their tolerance (following any pertinent post-op protocol provided by their physician).

For surgical inpatients, like those who have had a total knee or hip replacement, an evaluation will be completed by our acute care PT/OT team prior to leaving the hospital. This includes assessing a patient’s ability to ambulate, properly use their assistive device, perform self-care tasks (toileting, grooming, etc) in order to safely return home after they leave the hospital.

Safety First

We understand that COVID-19 concerns have given some patients pause when it comes to going through with a procedure or beginning a rehabilitation program. However, prolonging surgical intervention for a serious condition can result in higher levels of pain, greater functional limitations and more complicated recovery processes. Delaying rehab after a procedure can also negatively affect one’s recovery and slow their return to normal functions.

Our expert therapy team follows strict COVID-19 protocols throughout the rehabilitation process to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff. This includes:

  • COVID-19 screening of all patients upon entering the building
  • All patients are required to wear a hospital-grade mask upon entering the building
  • Staff members wear CDC recommended personal protective equipment
  • Social distancing measures are taken to ensure patients are kept safe in treatment areas
  • All machines, treatment tables, tools, and other treatment equipment are properly and thoroughly disinfected following each use

If you have any questions about our rehabilitation services and safety protocols, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (740) 439-8977.

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