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Have You Had Your Mammogram This Year?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and if you’ve been holding off on a breast exam throughout this challenging year, we want to encourage you to schedule a screening today.

You can rest assured that Southeastern Med has gone above and beyond to ensure a safe and steady return of our mammography services. Our Community HealthLink facility is providing screening and procedure appointments to anyone who needs one, and strict safety protocols are in place to protect the health of each and every visitor.

According to the American Cancer Society, women aged 40 and older should have a Diagnostic Mammography, or Mammogram, once a year. Southeastern Med offers an ACR-accredited, world class facility for these screenings right in our community, utilizing advanced digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) to create a high resolution, 3D image of the breast—without increasing the amount of radiation needed in the exam.

This technology is vital in helping our radiologists detect and identify cancers well before there are clear signs or symptoms. This early stage diagnosis can also lead to quicker treatment and a much faster road to recovery.

Things to Know Before Booking Your Appointment

Southeastern Med recommends scheduling your mammogram a week or so after your menstrual cycle so your breasts are less tender. On the day of the test, you can shower beforehand, but don’t apply any deodorant or lotion. During the exam, you’ll be asked to change into a gown that opens in the front. You’ll then get x-rayed with a licensed mammographer. The results will be reviewed by a board-certified radiologist and your doctor will follow up with you a few days after.

We know there’s a lot going on in the world right now, but not making your health a priority is a risk you shouldn’t take. We strongly advise anyone in need of a mammogram to discuss a screening with their physician at their earliest convenience. Self-request exams are also available if you don’t have a physician.

To learn about age appropriate screening, or for more information about self-requested mammograms, visit www.seormc.org/screenings.

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