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MRI Fusion Biopsy: A Better Way to Detect Prostate Cancer

In our recent post about Men’s Health Screenings, we explained why it’s critical for men 50 and older to schedule a prostate exam, and why avoiding these screenings or “toughing out” a health concern isn’t helpful to yourself or your family. One of the reasons this message matters so much—perhaps today more than ever—is that new technology has given us better ways to accurately detect illnesses like prostate cancer at an early stage, meaning we can help more people recover faster and live a healthy life if they take a proactive approach to getting tested.

Since 2018, Southeastern Med has offered one of the most advanced prostate biopsy techniques for cancer detection: the MRI Fusion Biopsy. During this procedure, an MRI scan of the prostate is fused with an ultrasound image, dramatically improving the accuracy of the biopsy and potentially doubling the ability to detect and diagnose prostate cancer compared to a conventional biopsy.

How It Works

MRI Fusion Biopsies are performed by Dr. Clifford Maximo, a highly experienced, board-certified urologist. The process begins with the patient receiving an MRI scan of their prostate. Dr. Maximo and his team will then examine the results of this scan in order to identify any potentially cancerous lesions. Next, those MRI images are fused with the ultrasound image during the prostate procedure, providing a uniquely detailed view so that samples can be taken directly from the areas of concern. While conventional biopsies are performed “blind”—testing various samples that might not include suspicious areas discovered in a scan—the MRI Fusion Biopsy removes the guesswork from the equation and reduces the likelihood of missing a cancer that may require treatment.

Benefits of an MRI Fusion Biopsy are numerous:

  • Precise targeting from MRI means greater accuracy and fewer samples needed
  • Less need for unnecessary repeat biopsies in the future
  • Performed under general anesthesia, so it’s pain-free
  • Reduces chance of missing a high-risk cancer
  • Offers active surveillance
  • Reliable diagnosis and treatment plans tailored to the patient

The bottom line is: The earlier we can find prostate cancer, the better the chance we can cure it successfully. MRI Fusion Biopsies available here at Southeastern Med are giving us that important edge every day.

Click here to learn more about our urology and prostate exam services. Don’t put off scheduling your prostate exam; please speak with your physician or a Southeastern Med representative about booking yours today.

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