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Visitor Policy

Visitor Policy

Visitor Information

The Healing Process

We believe that familiar faces play a vital role in the healing process. The support of a loved one can truly do wonders for a patient’s outlook. In fact, we believe that smiles and words of encouragement can sometimes improve your actual, physical health. That’s why we welcome you and your family to our family at Southeastern Med.

For your safety, we occasionally need to restrict a patient’s visitation. In these special circumstances, we assure you that a nurse will immediately notify you of our decision and explain why we were unable to admit your visitor.

Some possible restrictions include:

  • Visitors who are ill
  • Patient’s need of rest
  • Procedures requiring privacy
  • Child visitors requiring adult supervision (cannot be the patient)
  • Critical care and emergency departments limit visitors to two at a time

Tobacco Policy

Please know that we are a smoke free facility. For the health and safety of everyone here, we ask that smokers go offsite to smoke or simply refrain from smoking while at the medical center.

Lost Items

If you happen to lose an item during your visit, please notify a member of our staff immediately, so that we can help you find it as soon as possible. We also have a lost and found with our security staff where we will store lost items for up to 90 days.
To inquire about lost items, please call 740.439.8999.