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Amber West, NP

  • Specialization:

    Oncology & Hematology
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    1455 Clark St., Cambridge, OH, 43725

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Amber has been in the nursing field since 2005 when she graduated with her high school diploma and obtained her licensed practice nurse.

“My career has been driven by my fathers’ diagnosis with brain cancer and knowing I had to do something to give back to help others like my family,” Amber says. “I have always striven to be a better version of myself so I am a better provider for my patients, a better person for my community.”

Amber pursued continuing licensure to her RN, BSN and ultimately her Masters in Nursing for certified Nurse practitioner. She graduated in 2014 becoming a CNP.

“I have had the privilege of being with SEORMC since 2008 and working at the Cambridge Regional Cancer Center since opening day in 2012. I continue with the goal to provide quality health care locally for my hometown by assuring I am up to date with current literature through continuing education programs.”

Amber has been married for 12 years to her high school sweetheart Curt. They have four children -four children: Bentley, Bryer, Blakley, and Blaire.

She enjoys their hobby farm with miniature horses and donkeys, Nigerian dwarf goats and handful of cats and dogs.

“Our home has been built on my family land for which I have spent majority of my life living on. I am a proud Guernsey County native serving my hometown folks.”

LPN – 2003- 2005 @ Mid-East Career Technology School in Zanesville
RN- 2005-2008 @ Ohio University Zanesville
BSN 2008-2010 @ Ohio University Zanesville
CNP, MSN, APRN – 2008- 2010 @ Ohio University Athens