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One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. However, regular screenings can help catch cancer early before it becomes too difficult to treat, meaning the quality of life–and the quantity of life–is extended. Even though COVID-19 remains a high priority, it is still important to take cancer screenings seriously.

Cancer Screenings at Southeastern Med

Our nationally accredited multi-disciplinary team is here to assist with whatever screenings you may require, including:

Mammograms: If your physician suggests you complete a mammogram, we can accommodate you at our Community Healthlink facility, located at 1205 Clark Street, Cambridge. If you do not have a physician, you can self-request a mammogram by calling Community Healthlink at 740.432.5465. If the cost of mammograms is a concern, please call 740.439.8117 or 704.435.2500 for assistance.

Colonoscopies: Our endoscopy department is able to provide colonoscopies close to home. If you are concerned about the cost of a colonoscopy procedure please call 740.435.2400 for assistance.

What is a colonoscopy? Watch this video.

Lung Screenings: Lung screenings are scheduled periodically throughout the year. To reserve your spot at our next lung screening clinic, call 740.439.8930. If a lung nodule is discovered during a screening, ask your physician to refer you to our new lung nodule clinic. The phone number is 740.432.2144.

Prostate Exams: If your physician wishes to refer you to a urologist because of concerns with your prostate, ask to be referred to Dr. Cliff Maximo.

What screenings should I be scheduling?

This conversation should begin with your physician. However, the American Cancer Society offers recommended age milestones for different types of screenings as well as important questions to ask your doctor.