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Athletic Training

Athletic Training

Our Athletic Trainers are nationally certified and licensed in the state of Ohio to perform prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries for local high school athletes. These skilled health care professionals also provide additional guidance and training for coaches, fitness instructors, and anyone looking to improve their overall physical health.

Southeastern Med’s athletic trainers regularly cover all home games and meets, and are available to provide rehabilitation during many practices across a wide range of amateur sports, ensuring any injured athlete receives prompt care with clear communication and all necessary precautions.

Local High School Athletic Training Services

Southeastern Med currently has athletic trainers serving 6 local high schools, including:

  • Cambridge City School District (Cambridge Bobcats)
  • Rolling Hills Local School District (Meadowbrook Colts)
  • East Muskingum Local School District (John Glenn Muskies)
  • East Guernsey Local Schools (Buckeye Trail Warriors)
  • Caldwell Exempted Village School District (Caldwell Redskins)
  • Noble Local School District (Shenandoah Zeps)

Athletic Training

Other Athletic Training Services Available:

  • Sports Medicine: Athletic trainers assist physical therapists to help athletes, and patients, recover from devastating injuries.
  • PAP Class (Pupil Activity Permit): Athletic trainers teach local coaches in order to meet Ohio requirements for athletics.
  • Industrial Services: Athletic trainers conduct pre-work screens and assist with reconditioning programs for industrial medicine patients.
  • LEAP (Life Enhancement Activity Program): LEAP is designed to help individuals meet their fitness goals during customized one-on-one sessions with a licensed professional, helping individuals become stronger, faster, and more physically fit.
  • PLUS (Physical Activity Link Under Licensed Supervision): The PLUS program is coordinated by athletic trainers to aid patients in their physical fitness and well-being after being discharged from physical therapy services.