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Cancer Support Services

Cancer Support Services

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Nutritional and Genetic Counseling

The fight against cancer is one we all share in, and it’s why the cancer program here at Southeastern Med includes a range of support services designed to help everyone impacted by the disease—patients and survivors, as well as their friends and family. These services can complement a primary treatment plan or offer important information for anyone concerned about their own cancer risks in the future.

Nutritional Counseling
Good nutrition is always important, but for cancer patients, it can also be a key factor in your overall recovery. Cancer treatments can affect the appetite and your ability to process certain foods and nutrients. So, as part of your treatment at Southeastern Med, our nutritional counselors will help create a plan personalized to your dietary needs and restrictions, giving your body the tools it needs to better fight the disease.

Genetic Counseling
While there are many factors that can lead to a cancer diagnosis (environmental conditions, lifestyle choices, overall health, etc.), advanced cancer sciences are offering new insights into how your family history and genetic profile might help better predict your level of risk. If you have family members who’ve been treated for early onset or unusual cancers, this type of genetic counseling can prove especially useful, as counselors can assess whether the disease might be hereditary in your family. They can also provide you with helpful information about cancer screenings and other risk-reduction treatment options.

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Cancer Support Services