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Pediatric Services

Pediatric Services

Pediatrics: Individual Children, Not Mini Adults

According to recent census data, more than 20% of the population of Guernsey County is 18 years old or younger. That’s a significant number of young children, adolescents, and teens with their own unique health concerns. Despite those numbers, there are not many pediatric specialists in the area. We are privileged to have two pediatricians on our staff, Dr. Ellen Kumler and Dr. Suresh Thakker. They provide care at Superior Med Pediatrics at 1420 Clark Street in Cambridge, OH (740) 435-4020. The vision statement at Superior Med Pediatrics is, “Providing excellent compassionate pediatric care for every child we serve. Partnering with families to help children grow into a lifetime of better health.” We take those words quite seriously. How?

We are passionate about preventing problems before they start. That is why we stress the importance of wellness checks, immunizations, evaluations of development, and discussions about safety and behavior.

We also work with families to offer appointments that are convenient and that work with busy schedules. We offer walk-in hours because you can’t plan when your child will become ill. We also some later appointments because we understand that it is so difficult for parents to leave work and still get their child to the doctor for well checks and sick visits.

Both of our pediatricians are board-certified and remain active in the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Our pediatricians work closely with our family practice physicians, not only because our family practice physicians have experience with pediatric care but also because it creates a seamless transition once patients turn 18 and “graduate” out of pediatric care. Dr. Thakker works with our Childbirth Center staff to ensure that newborns are in good health and have everything they need to start life on a healthy path. Additionally, we offer the following other specialized pediatric services:

SANE: Our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program assists sexual assault survivors, including pediatric patients. We are lucky to have one of the few practitioners who is certified to do this work specifically for and with pediatric patients.

Orthopedics: Dr. Bill Kumler of Superior Med Orthopedics specializes in orthopedic surgery and pediatric orthopedics. Dr. Kumler previously worked at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, so it is a benefit to our community to have him providing care here. There is no need to go to Columbus or Akron for those broken bones!

Rehab/Therapy: Our Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists are all certified to work with pediatric patients. Again, this makes Southeastern Med’s services unique in the area.

From the time they are born until they turn 18, it is our privilege to offer the specialization of our pediatricians to our patients. It is a great honor to be able to do so.

Pediatric Services