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Social Distancing at Southeastern Med

One of the most universally encouraged and effective means of stopping the spread of the Coronavirus is social distancing, as keeping people a space of 6 feet apart from one another can greatly reduce transmission via physical contact or coughing/sneezing. Southeastern Med has gone the extra mile to enforce this critical safety standard throughout the hospital and healthcare system, making it easier for all patients and guests to navigate the facility and observe appropriate social distance.

All of our waiting rooms have now been reorganized so that there are fewer chairs with more space between each one. Floor decals have been liberally added throughout the hospital to help people clearly gauge where to safely stand if having to stand in line with others. If you need to use an elevator, there is a two-person maximum limit at all times to ensure adequate space between occupants.

If you’re visiting one of our patients, we’ll ask that you remain in their room except for necessary restroom breaks. Meals from the cafeteria can be eaten in the patient’s room, as well, while social distancing policies are in place.

Southeastern Med greatly values the important role of each patient’s designated support person. However, as another logical aspect of social distancing, we are asking that support people remain outside the hospital during certain types of routine patient visits, such as an expectant mother getting a check-up at the Childbirth Center.

At most of our physician offices and at our lab draw and testing facility, all guests will be asked to wait in their car until they are called to come in, thus reducing possible exposure.

The phrase “social distancing” has become a regular, everyday part of our language in 2020, and while we look forward to a day when it will no longer be necessary, we also believe that the fastest way to reach that day is to adhere to this important policy as much as possible today. We appreciate your on-going support!

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