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Sports Medicine is Not Just for Serious Athletes

When you think about “sports medicine,” you probably picture athletic trainers on the sidelines of a football game, or a fitness program developed specifically for college or professional athletes. But while the word “sports” admittedly suggests a connection to exercise and fitness, the unique care offered by sports medicine professionals is equally available to all […]

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What Are Lung Nodules?

Lung nodules, aka pulmonary nodules, are abnormal growths that can sometimes form on the lungs, and are usually discovered through an X-ray or CT imaging. Obviously, the notion of anything “abnormal” growing in such a vital organ can be a disturbing thought. But according to most studies, only about 5% of lung nodules are actually […]

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ERs, Urgent Care, and Injury Clinics: How to Choose What’s Right For You

When you find yourself dealing with an unexpected, rapidly evolving, or perplexing medical issue, it’s nice to know there are a variety of different services and experts available to help diagnose and treat the condition. That said, it can also be confusing, at times, to know which type of service provider or facility is actually […]

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For Student Athletes, Southeastern Med’s Team is Behind Your Team

When you see an athletic trainer helping an injured athlete on a professional team, that individual is often employed by the team itself. For this reason, it’s easy to forget that training staffs often function very differently at the amateur level, particularly when you’re supporting your child in a junior high or high school sport. […]

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Tips for Ultraviolet (UV) Safety Awareness Month

For Ohioans (and just about everybody else in the country), the month of July has always been a time to soak up the sun, enjoy the long days, and bask in the heat before the autumnal breezes return. With the pandemic keeping many of us indoors last summer, this July has felt particularly special. But […]

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