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Tips for Ultraviolet (UV) Safety Awareness Month

For Ohioans (and just about everybody else in the country), the month of July has always been a time to soak up the sun, enjoy the long days, and bask in the heat before the autumnal breezes return. With the pandemic keeping many of us indoors last summer, this July has felt particularly special. But […]

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Cancer Patients Can Also Find Individualized Physical Therapy at Southeastern Med

While Southeastern Med’s new John W. and Edna McManus Shepard Cancer Center is a world class, local destination for advanced cancer treatment options, it’s important to note that our services are truly multi-disciplinary, and that we consider the care and well-being of our cancer patients at every stage, from diagnosis through recovery. This includes providing […]

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For Young Ball Players, Throwing Less Can Lead to More Success

If you’re a baseball fan–whether that means following your favorite Major League team or taking your child to Little League games–you’ve probably noticed that arm injuries have become increasingly common. Generations ago, professional pitchers were generally allowed to keep throwing as long as they were effective on the mound; nobody even bothered tracking how many […]

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Understanding and Overcoming the Effects of “Chemo Brain”

For many cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy, a fear of potential side effects is one of the greatest causes of stress, even if the treatment successfully achieves its larger goal of targeting and eliminating cancer cells. Fortunately, new advances in technology over the past decade have helped reduce some of the most familiar side effects […]

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Outpatient Joint Replacements Offer New Peace of Mind

Being told you need a joint replacement can sound intimidating, but thanks to advances in technology, many joint replacements at Southeastern Med are now minimally invasive, high-precision procedures in which the patient has the option to return home the same day to begin their recovery. This ability to get back to familiar surroundings, as well […]

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